Bbeauty Dolls is owned and operated by designer Heather Rosales for Bbeauty Designs.  Bbeauty product lines represent a commitment to quality that is true to it's name Bbeauty which is an shortened version of Be Beautiful.  We specialize in product lines that foster make-believe in every day life.


Our doll products are designed with one thing in mind - to foster creativity by providing options to customize and personalize dolls. for playtime and for collecting.  We believe whole heartedly in toys that have high quality.  We fully support companies like American Girl that produce a high quality product for young girls and boys to play with.  We also support being able to take older dolls that have been worn and discarded and provide products to renew and restore them so they can be loved and played with again.  

Most of our products are catered towards the American Girl lines, but we are truly doll lovers at heart and collect many brands.  Please note that Bbeauty is not affiliated with any doll companies and is independently owned.

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