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Each customer is important to us and the information you supply to us, helps us know your needs, thoughts, and objectives in shopping with us.  The more you share, the more we are able to tailor your shopping experience with us and create the kind of products you want to see in the future.  This information is for our internal use only, it is not shared with any outside company and is gathered solely to make notes in your customer profile.

Customer Profile Information

Please fill out the following form
in order to for us to better get to know you.  All information provided is private and for internal use only.

I am....
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What are you most Interested In?
What would you like to see most from us in the future (you can check more than one)
How Many Dolls are in Your Collection?
What are your Activities in Doll Collecting?
Have you Ever? (Check all that apply)
What is Most Important To Me When Shopping
I Purchase for Dolls:
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Thanks for submitting!  All submissions will be rewarded with Loyalty Points to your Profile as a thank you for your feedback.

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