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There are many wig companies out there, but not many that have our 15 years of experience with wigs and hair.  Some wig companies will try to tell you that there is only one "best" fiber to lead you to choose them as a company.  But experienced professionals will tell you that you can't use the same fiber for all the styles of hair because each fiber has pros and cons and doesn't work well in every single style.  Below are some brief pros and cons for each of the fibers on the market.  When we design wigs, we take a look at the style we are trying to create and the appropriate fiber to make that style come to life.  Then we take into account how the hair will be sewn and positioned to achieve the best product.  There is no "magic" fiber that carries all the attributes without any cons, but we try to achieve the best and long lasting choices in our wigs.

Hair Types Pros and Cons

1. Heat Safe Hair - Is great because it can take heat up to 350 degrees which means you can use a curling iron or a straightener on it, but what they don't tell you is that heat safe hair is very dense and doesn't hold curl or style very well. It also is notoriously hard to dye or accept spray color.  If not dyed on the factory level, some individuals have success using highlighter ink or permanent marker to create effects with the hair.

2. Super Silky Hair (Also called soft fiber)- Is great because it's fun to touch and feels super slippery and soft.  However it picks up light on camera that makes it often look greasy or shiny in light colors and it is notoriously hard to keep curl over time.  It is also tricky to try to curl by iron. Same notes as Heat Safe Hair for dying. It's also known to pick up a bit of static.

3. Synthetic Hair - Is the best for styling and keeping curl.  Though it's not always as soft as super silky hair, it can't be beat for being able to tease it, curl it, and create natural looking styles.  It is not overly shiny and very realistic.  It is the best for creating styled looks by far and holds curl very well.

4. Mohair - Is able to achieve the very natural looks with wispy hair in the face that is realistic and delicate.  This hair is absolutely beautiful when dealing with very artistic detailed looking dolls and with child-like hairstyles because it can't be beat with realism.  It is a natural fiber so dying is easy and beautiful, but because it is a natural fiber it also produces the most pricy wigs and has limits on color shades without dye.  It is also prone to shedding.

5. Textured hair - Is dull compared to the shiny options in Heat Safe, Silky Hair, or Synthetic but nothing beats it's ability to get that fine detail in a textured style hair.  Wigs with this hair often have natural ends because this is how this hair is and attributes to it's realism.  Although you can shop it off in an even line, it doesn't quite look the same.  It can be very soft and nice and it doesn't reflect light in lighter colors like heat safe hair.  Minimal shedding.

6. Synthetic Mohair - Available to mimic Mohair in terms of texture with more options for color than natural Mohair.

Why Choose Us As your Supplier?

1. We are not a random pick and choose supplier that stocks random styles and moves on to the next.  We spend time and effort choosing our styles and colors to be around when you need them.

2. We focus on quality not on quantity.  See a supplier constantly running sales and deals to get rid of merchandise?  We have faith in our products and don't constantly try to liquidate them.

3. Variety.  It's not just our colors but we try to offer a wide variety of styles that are interesting and meet the needs of our clients.

4. We listen.  Some companies buy what they like and don't listen to what their clients need.  We care about our clients and try to find solutions for them, not just buy what suits us.

5. We are real designers.  That means we can create not just mimic.  We enjoy creating things that are new and fun!

6. Customer service is our top priority.  We make sure our clients are taken care of.  Any issues or problems we work to resolve quickly and efficiently.  We answer messages promptly and help you choose products if needed.  We are here for you!

7. We don't use gimmicks to win our customers.  That means no one is paid to say they love our products or bribed with free product to provide false advertising.  We work with only those artists who are actually interested in our brand and are loyal to it.  They are real buyers that actually use our products.

8.  We don't manipulate our buyers with pricing.  We don't do door busters to get customers through the door and then hit them with huge price increases or price one product higher because its more popular.  Our prices are the same for each wig according to category.  


Bbeauty Dolls is owned and operated by designer Heather Rosales for Bbeauty Designs.  Bbeauty product lines represent a commitment to quality that is true to it's name Bbeauty which is an shortened version of Be Beautiful.  We specialize in product lines that foster make-believe in every day life.


Our doll products are designed with one thing in mind - to foster creativity by providing options to customize and personalize dolls. for playtime and for collecting.  We believe whole heartedly in toys that have high quality.  We fully support companies like American Girl that produce a high quality product for young girls and boys to play with.  We also support being able to take older dolls that have been worn and discarded and provide products to renew and restore them so they can be loved and played with again.  

We are true doll lovers at heart, and our aim is to supply the doll industry as a whole.  Slowly we are adding product lines designed for different types and sizes of dolls.  As each doll is different and the needs of the collectors vary, we do take our time taking on new products.  This is to allow us to understand each collector's needs and what is available and unavailable to them.  

Please note that Bbeauty is not affiliated with any doll companies and is independently owned.  We supplement the doll market with the unique needs of collectors.

To view information on our parent company visit us on Facebook at or on our website at

To join our VIP group for news and updates and previews of upcoming products  visit us at

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