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Premium Eyes

Our premium eyes allows you to customize a doll with a wide variety of options.  The colors are bright and detailed which will make a used doll look brand new.  The eyelashes are soft and come in standard black on each eye no matter the color you choose.  We are showcasing eye colors in the dolls so that you can see how they look or change the look of a doll.  Match eyes with wigs for a fully upgraded look.  Eyes will come in a small black box labeled with the color.  All our eyes can be purchased at bulk prices if you want multiple pairs.  You never have to wait for sale to grab a good deal on eyes.

Buy 6 Pairs of Eyes and get 1 Free use EYES6PK as the discount code

Buy 12 Pairs of Eyes and get 2 Free use EYES12PK as the discount code

Buy 24 Pairs of Eyes and get 12 Free use EYES24PK as the discount code

Note for the discount to work properly you must add the appropriate pairs of eyes and then the "free eyes" in addition to that.  Once you enter the discount code the additional eyes will be discounted (subtracted from your total).  Discounts only work in the above quantities only, no odd quantities.

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