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This is a custom historical shoe designed by Bbeauty Designs and you won't find it anywhere else! This shoe has an elongated more oval shaped toe rather than the typical ballet flat you find for American Girl which is short and rounded. It is made of a matte leatherette (faux leather) and has an overlapping strap detail with rhinestone buckle. Slightly elevated heel, but not so much that your doll will fall over. It also has a bit of a tongue at the front which you can bend forward a bit (but it's subtle). Black hard soles.

These shoes will fit older PC dolls with the larger/wider big feet however if wearing with some of the older/thicker sock options i.e. Felicity has, it will take a bit of fenagling to get the shoe properly over the socks. I pulled the sock stretched up the leg so there was not any excess folds at the foot and then twisted in a back and