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Made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive.

This is a fun and frilly dress designed for Smart Doll and will fit default bust and medium bust.  Default bust reveals no cleavage on this dress, medium will show cleavage.

The top is a sweetheart fitted bust with long straps that tie into a bow at the neck and then dangle down the back.  It gathers at the center and is decorated with a pearl bead. The back of the bodice is a low V that hits just above the waist level. Decorated with white ribbon and a tiny bow.

The skirt is an incredibly full short skirt that needs no petticoat.  Because of its fullness, it naturally falls fluffy.  It hits at the knee level and is bouncy and flouncy.  Dress snaps in the back one snap at the base of the bodice. The stand can be inserted into the opening at the back because the snap closure is at the back just above it.  The skirt is so full you don’t really see the opening when the doll is standing. It can move in any direction for photography.

This dress slips on without needing to remove feet, arms or head.  It is put on from bottom, slips over the hips and then tied at the neck and snapped in back and you are done.

Listing is for dress only.  All other pictures accessories are not included.

Love in the Afternoon Retro Halter Dress in Lilac Micro Dot