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Bbeauty Designs takes great care and pride in the products we offer. Our wigs are designed with soft fibers that feel smooth and silky to the touch, are brushable, and designed with quality in mind. We take great care to test and evaluate every wig prior to releasing it to the public for purchase, only the best is made available in our shop. We also work hard to bring lots of options and color choices so your dolly can have the hair of her dreams. Our commitment is to quality and providing our customers with a luxury feel they can enjoy on their doll. You will find that our design styles are all named for easy search within our store as well as our colors. We offer consistent color choices throughout our designs so you can search by color to see all the wigs that come in that color or by style name to see all the sizes a style comes in. Note that most of our stock photos are of the actual wig taken outside in natural lighting. Indoor lighting will have a different look often darker than outdoor.

Design Style: Pamela

Wig Cap Size: 6-6.5” (stretches). Although FID have a 6” head we find that wigs this small are notorious for popping off the head and not staying put (very slippery). Therefore we recommend a silicon cap on the head and then placement of the wig and therefore we have sized it just a tad bigger so that it fits over the silicon cap.

Color: Semi Real Chestnut Brown (this brown has three shades mixed in that are similar in tone blended together to create this color. The shades pick up the sunlight and tones when photographed outside and show less contrast in dark or dim lit indoor light.)

Cap: Nude

Length: 7.5” from top of head

The following dolls will fit this wig (there may be more), please measure your head on your doll and also double check the length of this wig versus your doll. You may need to trim the length to be in proportion to your doll as some dolls have the same head size but not the same height. Ideally this wig looks best on dolls that are 1/4 scale adult dolls.

Iplehouse 1/4 FID

The Pamela design has a curled under thick bang and then a wave of hair that starts about mid way down the head. The curls are easy to finger twirl and style. We recommend a light spritz of water when styling to control any fly-aways for pictures or for restyling out of the package. This wig can be styled over and over with ease. The bangs hit right at the eyebrow for a nice frame of the face and is designed for dolls with slender fashion doll faces. It is meant to be worn where the part is dead center because it has bangs. A light trimming of bangs may be necessary right out of the package. Wig will need to be brushed to remove any loose fibers once initially removed from the package.

Premium “Pamela” Wig for Iplehouse FID

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