Snowfall is a beautiful white wig with silver glitter strands woven throughout the hair.  The glitter is subtle, so you can only see it if you zoom in on the hair (back shot shows it best) and in person.  It's perfect for fantasy applications or modern.  Create and love!


Our Premium Luxury Wigs are made with playtime in mind.  They are heat safe, able to be styled and parted in the back to accommodate pigtail styles, and are available in rich colors.  Willow is a no bang style with layered natural like ends that is straight.  The wig can be turned to have the part in the center or off center on either side.  Willow measures 18" from top of the head to end.  Willow is great as a Felicity replacement in Auburn, a Kaya replacement in Black as Midnight, an Anne of Green Gables replacement in Pumpkin Spice, an Elsa option in Snowfall, and many more. Willow can be braided into pigtails.

Willow in Snowfall 11”


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