Fixing Doll Eyelashes if they separating, crushed, or bent funny:

1. Fill a small cup with room temperature water

2. Wet the lashes of the eyes

3. Fan the lashes back and forth pressing them together and then fanning

4. Lashes should resume their original position

5.  Let air dry or you can blow dry lashes to set

The video below is a short clip on Step 2-3 on restoring the lashes using fanning and pressing

Wig Swapping - How to put on a new wig

1. Remove the doll's old wig by starting at the back, prying up a small opening.  Using a spoon, gently pry the wig cap up all around the front hairline.  The wig will also be glued on the top of the head, use the spoon to gently scrape away the the glue and pry up the wig.  If you wish to save the old wig, you can do this gently or remove the head and fill with boiling water to loosen the wig glue prior to removing.  If you don't care about the old wig you can be as rough as you like, but be careful not to leave too much cap stuck to the head.  You want as much of the old wig gone to put the new one on.

2. Trim any hairs still stuck to the hairline around the head, this is now your guide to attaching the new wig.

View the video below to put on the new wig.