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Fixing Doll Eyelashes if they separating, crushed, or bent funny:

1. Fill a small cup with room temperature water

2. Wet the lashes of the eyes

3. Fan the lashes back and forth pressing them together and then fanning

4. Lashes should resume their original position

5.  Let air dry or you can blow dry lashes to set

The video below is a short clip on Step 2-3 on restoring the lashes using fanning and pressing

Wig Swapping - How to put on a new wig

1. Remove the doll's old wig by starting at the back, prying up a small opening.  Using a spoon, gently pry the wig cap up all around the front hairline.  The wig will also be glued on the top of the head, use the spoon to gently scrape away the the glue and pry up the wig.  If you wish to save the old wig, you can do this gently or remove the head and fill with boiling water to loosen the wig glue prior to removing.  If you don't care about the old wig you can be as rough as you like, but be careful not to leave too much cap stuck to the head.  You want as much of the old wig gone to put the new one on.

2. Trim any hairs still stuck to the hairline around the head, this is now your guide to attaching the new wig.  Please note that we recommend using Tacky Glue to adhere a wig and not e6000.  e6000 is a powerful toxic glue and has been prone to causing chemical reactions with wig dyes and materials causing excessive dye bleeding onto the head.  You do not need to apply excessive amounts of glue (either type) to glue down a wig.  Less is more.  Apply a small amount under the skin part of the wig (or the concentrated area in the U-shape at the underside of the wig.  A light amount is sufficient.  Then apply glue to the perimeter where the old hairline was on the doll.  The glue should not be dripping or running down - if it is you've used too much.  Allow the wig to dry. after adhering the wig to the head.  If you are using e6000, it needs 24 hours for the toxic smell to go away and to fully dry.  Tacky Glue will adhere the wig in about 15 minutes.

Some people will recommend e6000 for gluing wigs, we do not for the following reasons:

1. e6000 is a toxic substance, with powerful fumes, mask wearing with a ventilator is recommended for health reasons

2. e6000 has been known to cause chemical reactions to dyes in wig elastics, caps, and hair if applied in excess causing dye damage to the doll's head and hairline.

3. e6000 is such a powerful glue that if you ever wanted to change the wig later on down the line, you'd have to destroy the wig to get it back off.  Pieces of the cap will rip off and a bulkier hairline, wefts might even tear off. Depending on how much glue you applied, damage can also occur to the doll's head if you try to re-remove the wig.

4. It takes 24 hours to dry and for the smell of the fumes to come out of the hair..

We in turn recommend Tacky Glue for the following reasons:

1. It goes on white and dries clear so you can see where you've applied it and easily wipe off if you made any mistakes.

2. It does not damage the wig if you ever decide to change the doll's wig in the future.  Likewise it does not damage any of the doll's vinyl or head.

3. It dries within 15 minutes or less allowing quick wig changes and ready to use without having to wait.

4. It has no toxic fumes to worry about and you do not have to wear a mask to protect yourself.

5. We have observed no side effects of chemical reactions with dye however we still recommend that you don't saturate the head or wig in glue when applying it.  Less is more.

View the video below to put on the new wig.

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