Historical and Replica Wigs

We pride ourselves on making good quality replicas of favorites.  A historical wig can constitute a style wig that is appropriate for styling for a certain era or time period or it can include styles that have been retired from American Girl and are hard to find.

Colonial/Felicity/Elizabeth: See Sarah

Medieval/Renaissance/1970's: See Keisha or Guinevere

Addy/ #15: See Keisha in Dark Brown or Black

Samantha: See our Samantha Classic

Kirsten: See our Kirsten Classic Braided

Molly: See our Molly Classic Braided

Kaya: See Willow in Black

Cecile or Civil War: See Cecile

1920's/Kit: See Millie

1930's: See Betty

1940's: See Kiki, also great for styling updos