Historical and Replica Wigs

We pride ourselves on making good quality replicas to replace historical doll hair styles and to do era specific dolls.  This category is mixed between Silky fibers (non heat safe) and Premium fibers (heat safe).  Click on a wig's description to know which fiber the wig is made from.


Our Silky wig line is made from super soft silky fibers.  We've made this collection budget friendly so these wigs are priced lower than our Premium Lux line of wigs.  These wigs aren't heat safe so we don't recommend using curling irons or straighteners on the fibers.  However these wigs are done in a medium thickness which makes them easy to style into updo's or braids without being too heavy.  As well because of the textures of the wigs they look very natural and soft to the touch rather than some fibers that look a bit too manufactured.  Most of our historical collection is part of our Silky Wigs line and is featured here.  Silky wigs come in natural colors only to mimic real hair colors.  Most are available in standard colors such as blonde, auburn, dark brown, and light brown.

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