Premium Lux Wigs - Long Styles

Our premium lux wigs line is a collection of heat safe, silky soft hair that can be styled a variety of different ways.  Our wigs are designed unique from any other wig on the market.  They can all be parted into pigtails without showing the wefts as they are sewn with short hairs and long hairs to disguise the parts.  This means that all our wigs can be braided into pigtails or styled into pigtails to achieve looks like Kirsten, Molly, and Kaya with an upgraded wig. No other wig on the market has this feature.  We designed these wigs with playtime in mind because what is more fun that styling and braiding long beautiful hair? 


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Are you a doll customizer?  Please ask us for quantity discounts for those who have Etsy stores or sell on a routine basis.