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Our Premium Luxury Wigs are made with playtime in mind.  Cap Size: 11.5”Edward style can be used for historical period style or modern.  It has a short cut on the sides but long enough to pull hair in front of the ear as a side burn.  Sideburns can be trimmed or shaped but we left it in its original form straight out of the package.  The top hair is a long cut that swoops over.  It is pre-styled this way so as you see it is how it comes. Wig has a natural hair part (no skin part).Please note pictures of the wig vary depending on if they are taken in outdoor lighting versus indoor lighting.  Wigs are not meant to be put over existing hair and will not fit if you try to do this.  Doll must be bald with the previous wig removed from the head.  This is a 10-11" sized wig, please measure your doll's head for fit.  Some molds such as Josefina, Addy, and older PC dolls with larger 12" heads may not fit this wig.  Wig will fit snugly.  To put on the wig correctly line up the front of the wig to the hairline on the front of the doll, hold in place and stretch cap over the head to the back.  Adjust as necessary.

Edward Wig in Light Brown 11-12”

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