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Why Buy From Us?

The internet can be a crazy place, and it's easy to be unsure of where you can put your money and not feel ripped off or scammed.  We want you to feel confident and safe when you place your order and know that we will take care of you and that you are a valued customer of ours.  So here's the top reasons why you can feel secure in purchasing from us.

Family Owned

We are a small business which is family-owned.  This means that there are real people behind the curtain filling your orders, answering your questions, and handling any issues coming up.  Not an empty email box where you hear crickets when you send a message.  Not an automated robot.  Not a hired customer service agency that knows nothing and takes messages.  Real people.

Five Star Stellar Customer Service

We've been put to the test with marketplace ratings with their most stringent conditions including the following:

98% or higher on shipping out orders with a tracking number linked to the customer's order within 48 hours.  Why not 100%? Because we also do Pre-Orders on New Releases and Custom Products which take longer than 48 hours to fulfill and deliver.  But the majority of our orders are shipped out an average of 1-2 days depending on the time the order came in.

95% or higher in responding to messages and emails within 24 hours.  If you send a chat message or instant message on a social media platform we often respond within the hour.

98% or higher in customer reviews and feedback on Marketplaces.

As of 2024 we are no longer operating a separate Etsy store and now have it all through our website.  As you can't fivisit our Etsy shop any longer and read reviews, here is a screen shot of our store ranking stats.  We had over 15,000 transactions and over 5,000 people reviewing our products with an average of 4.9/5.0 stars.  You can also start to view reviews on our website as customers continue to review our products going forward and put down their thoughts.

All our reviews are from real customers who purchased from us, just like you.  We do not pay any advertisers or influencers to say they like our product.  We do not bribe customers with free product to say they like our products.  We only want 100% authentic real customers talking about what we sell, so we only ask our real customers to post reviews.  And it's ok if it isn't always 5.0 because if there is room for improvement on a product based on a customer's feedback, we will take that into account and re-design it to make it even better.  Because that is our level of commitment and the kind of products we want to sell.


We are Doll Collectors and Doll Experts

We collect dolls, we love dolls, we repair dolls, we buy doll stuff and we accumulate doll stuff just like you.  This means we understand what challenges you face, what you hunt for, what's not available, and can help you find solutions.  Odds are we've struggled with the same topics, searched out the same sources, and get confused on the same subjects. Once we've solved a doll problem or a need, we write about it in our Doll Forum.  And no you don't have to comb through our Doll Forum, even though you can.  But you can also ask us and we will get to the answer quickly.

We've Been in Business over 18 years

Bbeauty Designs (our parent company) operates different a separate website for each of our brands.  Bbeauty Dolls is for all our doll products and the main Bbeauty Designs website has the products we have sold for people i.e. Costumes and Custom Clothing.  Note both of our brands are e-commerce brands we do not operate a physical store.

We focus on quality not quantity

Many products are produced cheaply and sellers clamour to stock tons of it and charge more than it's worth.  We are not interested in cheap products.  Not long after you are excited about the great deal that you just got for a cheap outfit, accessory, or even in a doll is the disappointment that follows that it looks cheap, it's made cheap, it breaks easily, and then it's in the trash and you've wasted your money.  We spend a lot of time designing products that we want to stay in your collection.  We want them to be made well, fit well, and be designed well.  We test our products on our own dolls before releasing it and we have a high bar.  If it passes we offer it to our customers.  If it doesn't pass it doesn't get stocked and we don't sell it.  We want you to be as excited about using and receiving our products as we were when we designed them.  If that's not the reaction, it doesn't belong in our store.

We try to resolve issues as quickly as possible

It is important to us that if something goes wrong that we try to resolve it for you as quickly as possible.  If your package gets lost along the way, if your package gets misdirected or returned, if tracking has not updated and it looks like your package is stuck or damaged, contact us so we can assist.  If you receive your product and there is a defect or manufacturing error, report it to us so that we can replace it.  Color wasn't what you wanted or you need something different?  Contact us to do an exchange within 14 days.  Did we ship the wrong item - sometimes it happens as we are human, though we make it a point to get every customer's order right the first time and to you as fast as possible.  Contact us and we will organize the return label and get the right product to you.

Our Goal Is to Add Value to the Doll Community

95% of our products are designed in house by us.  We aren't a doll supplier that just buys the same products that everyone else is carrying and competing against each other in pricing war.  They are our exclusive products and you can only get them from us directly.  Now 5% are reserved for some items that we don't need to re-invent the wheel for - things that are necessary and are already available on the doll market but we've added them as a convenience to our customers so that they don't have to purchase separately on something simple.  This can include things like readily available shoes, undergarments, socks, and seasonal outfits that we don't want to carry a high quantity of.  But the majority of our products are unique to our company.


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