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Bbeauty Dolls is owned and operated by designer Heather Rosales for Bbeauty Designs.  Bbeauty product lines represent a commitment to quality that is true to its name Bbeauty which is a shortened version of Be Beautiful.  We specialize in product lines that foster make-believe in everyday life.


Our doll products are designed with one thing in mind - to foster creativity by providing options to customize and personalize dolls for playtime and for collecting.  We believe wholeheartedly in toys that have high quality.  We fully support companies like American Girl that produce a high-quality product for young girls and boys to play with.  We also support being able to take older dolls that have been worn and discarded and provide products to renew and restore them so they can be loved and played with again.  

We are true doll lovers at heart, and we aim to supply the doll industry as a whole.  Slowly we are adding product lines designed for different types and sizes of dolls.  As each doll is different and the needs of the collectors vary, we do take our time taking on new products.  This is to allow us to understand each collector's needs and what is available and unavailable to them.  

Please note that Bbeauty is not affiliated with any doll companies and is independently owned.  We supplement the doll market with the unique needs of collectors.

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Our Brand

Our brand symbol is the butterfly. Why the butterfly?  The butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis.  The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly describes the process many of our customers go through when restoring an old doll.  The doll could be rugged, drawn on, missing hair or have damaged hair, or received too much love to be in a good state.  Re-wigging, doing face-ups, giving the doll  the spa treatment, and a nice outfit at the end changes the doll from looking sad into a beautiful creation.  And even if you don't start out with a doll that needs restoration, this process also describes blank dolls that are completely customized, or dolls that you just get creative with. It is the satisfaction at the end to add a doll to your collection that is completely unique and completely you.


Our logo contains the Double B inside it's wings - Bbeauty stands for Be Beautiful and so the Double B inside the wings is a symbol of inner beauty.  Using imagination and creativity in collecting builds character and develops inner beauty which is what our company is all about.  The world can be a tough place for both children and adults and inner beauty paired with confidence are the tools we feel combats the negativity we face in our environment. Our butterfly logo you will mostly see in white - as white is our symbol for a blank canvas that turns into art.  Our other company color can be described as various tones of blue.  We chose blue as our company color because it evokes a feeling of tranquility and trust - which is exactly what we want our customer's experience to be with us.  We work hard to build trust with our client's by serving their needs, keeping on top of any issues, and keeping that 5 star review on all our transactions.  This in turn makes our client's at ease because they don't need to worry.  


We are artists, creators, and collectors and so we are actually using our products to create custom dolls just like our customers.  We create to showcase how our products can be used and to promote creativity.  Although we are not in the business of selling custom dolls, you may find our creations from time to time for purchase after we are done using it as an example. 


We cater to adult collecting. Sure a lot of the dolls we work with are intended for children, but we are about making items for adult collectors who want something a bit more special.  Dolls are a bridge to our past and are fun to collect as adults and the adult collecting world has different needs than play time for children.  This is why we invest in quality and unique items that are often used to create beautiful doll displays. 

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