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The Gretyl wig is based on a very old hairstyle that dates back to noble origins in Ancient Rome and refered to as a Crown Braid. This style has popped up and made popular by Swedish, Dutch, and German cultures as pairing for folk costumes. But this style didn't stop there as it has been adapted with many variations in modern culture as a romantic hairstyle. In olden times, the crown braid was a practical solution for really long hair. In Medieval and Byzantine times, there was an expectation that in order to increase status they were expected to grow their hair to really long lengths. It was a sign of luxury to show off the quality of their hair, but it was indelicate and even seen as too intimate to just have your long hair loose and unstyled. Instead women did intricate braiding to showcase their length and luxury. Noble women were even expected to cover their braided hair.

Shown here, the Gretyl wig in black as seen on the popular Netflix series "Wednesday" utilizes this same hair styling. The wig has two tight braids that come from the left and right side of the head and then cross over the top of the head as the "crown". The ends of these braids are shortly blunt cut to easily slide into the style from the back. The back of the wig has hairs sweeping up into the braids and then a "short hair" area in the middle often used by American Girl's earlier wig styles to cover the back and also to let down the hair.

Cap Size: 11-12" (fits both PC and newer AG dolls as well as Gotz Happy Kidz dolls)

Application: This wig is a close fit on the doll's head. Once you get the wig out of the packaging, you will see it is very compact, remove the hair net and the stuffing and line the front of the wig to your doll's hairline in front and hold firmly in place with your thumb and forefinger. Find the back edge of the cap and stretch it over the head until you line it up to the hairline in the back. You can tug at the bangs and the short area in back to adjust as well as the base of the braid to position it above the ears to finalize the style over the head. It will be a tight fit but the style will maintain it's integrity for positioning.

Please note pictures of the wig vary depending on if they are taken in outdoor lighting versus indoor lighting. Wigs are not meant to be put over existing hair and will not fit if you try to do this. Doll must be bald with the previous wig removed from the head. To put on the wig correctly line up the front of the wig to the hairline on the front of the doll, hold in place and stretch cap over the head to the back. Adjust as necessary.

Gretyl Wig Size 11-12” in Black

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