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13-14" Sized Wigs

Wigs in this size category typically fit: My Twinn dolls, Dollmore Trinity, and Dollmore Lusion.  There are other dolls that use wigs in this category that are not as well known and there are porcelain dolls that fit this size.  This is a new collection/size for our store so you might find over the next year that we will be testing new styles and blends to see what our customers like and what moves well.  There will be some basic wigs in this collection as this size hasn't been serviced very consistently over the past few years with available products for restoration. As well as some specialty styles that will be limited edition and will disappear once sold out.  This is because the groups that collect this doll are a lot smaller than "popular" doll sizes and we want to rotate styles to keep fresh options available.  For this reason you may see a style disappear and then a new color of that style is offered or a different style added in it's place.  Once our customers have tried out wigs and selected their favorites we may have certain styles and colors always available if they get repeatedly ordered on a consistent basis.  As with all our other collections, we try to offer a good mix of realistic blends and high quality fibers to make your dolls look as realistic as possible.

Be sure to check out our other pages such as 23" My Twinn Clothing, 23" My Twinn Shoes, and 20mm Acrylic Eyes for products directly related to My Twinn dolls.  Note that other general categories such as Doll Hospital Services, Doll Accessories, Doll Purses and Handbags might also have products sized for 23" My Twinn dolls and that our 18" product lines appropriately fit the 18" My Twinn Dolls.