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11-12" Historical and Replica Wigs

Our historical and replica wigs include recreations that are no longer available for American Girl dolls to allow collectors to restore a previously loved historical doll and recreations of historical era styles.  Wigs in this category will fit Pleasant Company dolls, American Girl Dolls, Gotz Happy Kidz Dolls, and other dolls in the 18" category.

For help on replacement wigs please see our "Style Reference" page on the top menu bar where we list the replacement wig options available for each doll including the Classics, different time periods, Truly Me/JLY and GOTY dolls.  Please also feel free to contact us if you need help finding something close and don't see if available. We also sell a 10-12silicon cap if you don't want to glue your wig down to your doll's head or want to switch out wigs.