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This is a Special Limited Edition Downton Abbey Inspired Set Made for American Girl based of the "Garden Party Dress" Mary Crawley wears.

Dress: The dress itself is in one piece in striped thick cotton. The stripes are an indigo color against a cream background and we've used navy blues, whites, and browns as accent colors on this outfit. The sleeves have been angled so that the stripes go at a diagnol and then a built in cuff so that the stripes can alternate direction once again. You'll find that we've changed the direction of stripes in several areas to provide that additional detail as you see in Mary's original dress. The waist has a seam which is covered by navy blue ribbon and it snaps in back. To wear, the dress slips on and then snaps closed. It has additional trim at the center front of the bodice, and a lace collar around the neck which stops about at the bust.

Accessories: This set comes with a bunch of cool accessories. We've done white lace wrist gloves, a long 15" glass pearl bead necklace (not plastic), and a white sun hat decorated with woven ribbon trim that matches the dress and cream and brown flowers in front. This set does not come with the shoes, however you can find them in the shoe selection of our store.

Set includes:

1 Hat

1 Long Glass Pearl Necklace

1 Ankle Length Dress

1 Pair Lace White Gloves

Shoes not included but can be purchased separately. Doll in the photo is the Jess mold and she's wearing our Kiki in Dark Chocolate wig pinned up to mimic the style for the time period.

Mary Crawley’s Downton Abbey “Garden Dress” Set

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