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33-36" Patti PlayPal
and Companion Doll
Clothing and Dresses

Something I love about this size doll is that it is a lifesize representation of a small child and that it's completely vintage.  Made in 1959-1960's (Some replicas occurred afterwards), this doll stands 3 feet tall and has the dimensions of a 3 year old girl.  It was lovingly crafted so that children could swap clothes with their dolls and they are often referred to as companion dolls because of their lifelike size - a child could play with their companion doll.  I absolutely adore vintage clothing and while I would love to make this time period for my own children, it's just not practical in this day and age so I am overjoyed to work on collections for this doll where beautiful detailed clothing can live and breathe and be appreciated.  I am also a huge Shirley Temple fan and because there is also a Playpal Shirley Temple, you may see some throw backs here as I'm also a replica artist and a huge movie fan.