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Donate Your Dolls

There are a number of reasons that we don't hold on to dolls any longer.  For some dolls are very sentimental and you want them to go to a good home when you grow out of them or don't need them any longer.  For some it may be a matter of a collector that has passed away and family members don't collect dolls.  Maybe the doll is broken and you just don't want to put it in the trash.  Maybe sending to a thrift store seems too harsh as it's not junk. Whatever the case is, you can donate dolls to us to be cared for and re-homed. 

Donated dolls will go through our hospital services to evaluate if they need repair or spa treatment in preparation for a new home.  We have a commitment to have every doll that passes through our hands go out in to the world in better shape than they came in to ours.  This is part of our love for dolls and our service to keep extending the life of toys that are unwanted or need to move on to new homes.


Donating is easy.  Contact us below with what doll(s) you want to donate and the condition and we'll send you a pre-paid shipping label to send your doll in.  Please note that there are some types of dolls we may not accept (if we cannot save the doll or it's not a doll type we work on).  We will inform you after submission if that is the case.

Donation Submission Form

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Thanks for submitting!

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