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This is a custom historical shoe designed by Bbeauty Designs and you won't find it anywhere else! This shoe was designed based of the historical shoes worn to the ball (dancing shoes) that laced up the leg. We've put elastic instead of ties to make it easier to stay up the leg as ties typicallly slip down so it criss crosses in front and is held at the back through a loop. We wanted to make this ball appropriate, so they are made of satin with a gold embroidery on the toe in a regal filagree style. The shoes have hard plastic soles (not foam) and a slight heel. The toe is a bit elongated and pointed rather than most American Girl shoes which are just rounded at the toe. This is a nod to the shape and look that the historical dance shoes had.

These shoes will fit older PC dolls with the larger/wider big feet. This shoe is made to wear without socks, although you can wiggle it on over tights or thinner socks if you prefer. Shoes go on with a twisting motion to get onto the foot and are designed to go with regency ballgowns and regency dresses of that era. It can also be paired with ballet outfits given that it has a similar look.

Note: The inside of all the shoes are white to prevent any staining on socks.


American Girl or 18” dolls with similar shaped feet

Listing is for shoes only. Other accessories shown are just for effect and do not come with the shoes.

Historical Regency Dancing Shoes in White/Gold for American girl

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