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Bbeauty Designs takes great care and pride in the products we offer. Our wigs are designed with soft fibers that feel smooth and silky to the touch, are brushable, and designed with quality in mind. We take great care to test and evaluate every wig prior to releasing it to the public for purchase, only the best is made available in our shop. We also work hard to bring lots of options and color choices so your dolly can have the hair of her dreams. Our commitment is to quality and providing our customers with a luxury feel they can enjoy on their doll. You will find that our design styles are all named for easy search within our store as well as our colors. We offer consistent color choices throughout our designs so you can search by color to see all the wigs that come in that color or by style name to see all the sizes a style comes in. Note that most of our stock photos are of the actual wig taken outside in natural lighting. Indoor lighting will have a different look often darker than outdoor.

Design Style: Evie

Wig Cap Size: 11-12"

Color: Semi Real Strawberry Blonde

Length: Chin length. This is the curly style for the 1920's bob. Note that because of the curls, wearing a cloche hat with this style does tend to pop up the hat, so we recommend using headbands in the flapper style with this wig as a head accessory or nothing if pairing with an evening dress. This style also can be used for modern looks as well. The Semi-Real Strawberry Blonde has various tones to it to give it the depth of color you see.

Please note wigs are not meant to be put over existing hair and will not fit if you try to do this. Doll must be bald with the previous wig removed from the head. Wig will fit snugly. To put on the wig correctly line up the front of the wig to the hairline on the front of the doll, hold in place and stretch cap over the head to the back. Adjust as necessary.

Premium Evie Historical 1920’s Wig Curly

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