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Based on a historical boot used for Edwardian or Pioneer calico dresses, these are a casual boot with a vinyl exterior, working laces up the front with metal prongs at the top seen in old fashioned boots. The base of the boot has real tread and plastic (not foam) for a sturdy boot. There is decorative stitching at the toe with a double line for added elegance and detail. We chose not to do a pointed toe or a victorian heel on these boots because the heel often makes it difficult for the doll to stand on it's own without losing balance and the pointed toe looks a bit funny on these rounded feet. This is designed for historical styles between 1890-1915 but can also be used as a modern boot styled with casual or hiking attire.


American Girl or 18” dolls with similar shaped feet

Listing is for shoes only. Other accessories shown are just for effect and do not come with the shoes.

Historical Edwardian Pioneer Boots in Brown for American Girl