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This is a 10-pack of restringing kits to tighten limbs on an American Girl doll. contains 40 elastic strings and 80 copper crimps.

To restring:

1. Remove doll’s head - note if your doll does not have a neck string you will need to cut the zip tie and replace the zip tie with a neck string (available as a separate set in our store).
2. Remove all stuffing from the body
3. Cut the bad elastic ensuring you save the cup at either end.
4. The first cup will be inside your limb, tilt the limb upside down and shake until you can see the cup. A pair of pliers will be helpful to gently pinch out the cup and remove the cup from the limb. It can be a bit tricky but with a bit of patience you can get it out.
5. Shake the limb to remove the other end of elastic.
6. Thread one copper crimp onto one elastic. The larger opening should be facing inward towards the long part of the string.
7. Using pliers or a crimp tool crimp the copper down on the elastic as close to the end as you can leaving a little tail of elastic.
8. Thread the elastic through the cup hole making sure the shorter end faces the outside of the cup and the bell of the cup faces towards the longer side of elastic.
9. Pinch the copper end with the cup back inside the limb making sure you hold on to the longer side.
10. Thread the longer side of elastic through the body’s limb hole holding tight.
11. Thread the other cup on the inside of the body onto the elastic with the belle facing towards the limb. The small hole should be what you see on top and the last slack of elastic.
12. Thread another copper crimp onto the elastic with the big opening towards the cup.
13. Pull the remaining slack of elastic tight so your limb is tight. Crimp the copper to secure.
14. Repeat for any other needed limbs.


You should replace/restring any limbs with broken, frayed, or compromised elastic to ensure a limb or any of its pieces don’t come off during play.

Restringing Kit - 10 Pack